Riot addresses issues with chat services in VALORANT, League of Legends

The problem has been causing multiple issues relating to team play.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games seem to be having issues with its chat service in two of its most popular titles.

Players in League of Legends and VALORANT have been reporting that their friends list is not functioning correctly, resulting in them being unable to play with their friends or chat with them through the in-game service. VALORANT game director Joe Ziegler said his team had been made aware of the issue and are looking into it.

Many players responded to Ziegler’s tweet with requests that Riot also look into and repair an in-game exploit involving VALORANT’s newest agent Killjoy. The issue with this character involves her turrets on the Split map.

The exploit allows players to place a turret in a position it can shoot through the solid walls hitting enemies that are extremely far away in terms of walking distance. A Reddit user shared a video of the exploit earlier today.

VALORANT players have been reporting similar issues over the last week where agents have been able to secure kills through impenetrable walls. Earlier this month, a similar issue forced the developer to temporarily disable Ascent in the competitive queue.

Since the addition of Killjoy at the beginning of VALORANT’s second season, there have been issues with how the turrets have functioned. While this has been the case, Riot has been fast in finding and repairing the issues. The company will likely repair the chat service issues later today, with the other outstanding issues being resolved in a later update.