Reddit artist parodies the Will Smith slap in VALORANT

Getting flashed by a teammate in VALORANT has never felt more relatable.

Image via Riot Games

Reddit user KuyaSerge brought the infamous Will Smith slap to life on Haven in VALORANT with the ultimate meme between Phoenix and Sova. 

The piece, amply titled “Wow, Phoenix just flashed the sh*t outta me,” showcases an illustration of Phoenix “slapping” his teammate with his flash in typical VALORANT fashion. The artwork was parodied after Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars when Rock made a joke at the expense of Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

After the slap, Rock proceeded to say “Wow, Will Smith just slapped the sh*t outta me” on air as his initial reaction. This line was used as the inspiration for the fan art, but instead of Smith slapping Rock, it was depicted as Phoenix flashing Sova. The scene takes place on A site on Haven, as shown in the background in the picture and confirmed by KuyaSerge in the description on Reddit. 

Image via KuyaSerge

The two appear to be debating who will be peaking long first, with the Sova even starting to say “Wait, let me drone f…” before promptly being flashed by his own teammate. This scenario may feel familiar to avid players of VALORANT who are often at the expense of their teammates blinding or flashing them in one way or another, especially when trying to coordinate a push through a lane on any of the maps.

It’s next to impossible to play VALORANT for any length of time without getting accidentally flashed by a teammate in some scenario. KuyaSerge captured that frustration while also capitalizing on the infamous slap that was on every media platform for most of last week.