Players want more practice tools in VALORANT

Some players said that they can practice way better on CS:GO.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT celebrated its first birthday recently. And although the game has been pretty successful on both competitive and casual levels, some players are still waiting for new features to be implemented in the game.

Part of the community thinks there’s a lack of practice maps in VALORANT at the moment. Players aren’t asking for anything complicated or fancy, just a training camp with some boxes where they can practice their aim against bots as many times as they want. Unlike CS:GO, the main competitor of Riot Games’ FPS, the community can’t design maps and special servers for VALORANT, so it’s on Riot to implement them over time.

The original author of a thread on Reddit on the subject pointed out that it’s not great to practice against bots right now in VALORANT and even complained about the deathmatch settings.

“The deathmatch is awful with people camping inside corners which would never give someone the idea of how to play in a real match anyway,” the Reddit user said. “It’s been impossible to do some proper aim practice or map practice considering the fact that it’s a competitive FPS game which makes me turn to CS:GO again just for the custom maps to help me practice, which doesn’t help completely in VALORANT considering the different gun mechanics and the utility.”

Most of the people in the thread agreed with its author and one user blamed Riot for not “giving freedom and creativity to the community.” But another person pointed out that Riot probably wants everything in its game to be polished and it’s risky to open a community-made section.

Riot has been listening to the community’s feedback since VALORANT was launched in 2020, so it wouldn’t be strange if the company actually implemented more training tools in the near future to keep players engaged.

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