‘Persisting technical issues’ delay Oxygen and SuperMassive Blaze’s EMEA VCT matches following mid-game disconnects

The Turkish teams will replay their matches tomorrow.

Image via Riot Games

“JUSTICE4TURKEY” is trending today after two Turkish VALORANT teams, Oxygen Esports and SuperMassive Blaze, disconnected from their EMEA VCT Stage Three: Challengers Playoffs matches.

Oxygen and SuperMassive simultaneously timed out from their respective matches because of apparent server issues, bringing both series to a screeching halt. The EU VCT Twitter announced that the last round of both matches will be replayed tomorrow “due to persisting technical issues.”

Oxygen were in a close match with G2 Esports on Breeze, surmounting an inspiring comeback by winning six of the last nine rounds. Even though G2 were ahead 11-10, Oxygen all had rifles while their opponents were forced to play out a Sheriff eco round. After Oxygen planted the Spike and assumed post-plant positions, the entire team disconnected and were picked off one by one. G2 won the round before the series was paused due to technical issues.

Following the disconnect, Oxygen retweeted one of their previous tweets from earlier in the year that brings attention to “internet issues that plague our… players everyday in Turkey.” The tweet continues to ask for “internet infrastructure on par with their competition throughout Europe.”

SuperMassive’s match against FunPlus Phoenix was also paused after Batuhan “russ” Malga├ž disconnected in a crucial one-vs-one scenario. With SuperMassive down 10-7, russ went to peek the opposing Viper to close out the round. Instead of taking a shot, however, russ timed out without taking any shots, allowing FPX to defuse the Spike and win the round.

Both matches are postponed until tomorrow, with both squads hoping to continue their paths to Berlin. Oxygen are down 0-1 in their series against G2 after getting dominated on Icebox, 13-2. SuperMassive are up 1-0 in their series against FPX, having beaten them 13-6 on Ascent.