OpTic VALORANT team enduring COVID outbreak, FNS experiencing ‘maxed out’ symptoms

They'll likely still play tonight.

Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

Several members of OpTic Gaming’s VALORANT team have tested positive for COVID-19 before their crucial VCT Masters qualification match against XSET later today.

OpTic Gaming’s in-game leader FNS announced he tested positive last night on Twitter. FNS told Dot Esports yesterday that he has “maxed out” symptoms, including a high fever.

Teammate crashies has also tested positive for COVID-19 after being in close proximity with FNS, he announced on Twitter yesterday. Star player yay may also have the virus, he said

Despite the roster’s outbreak, it is expected all five players will compete against XSET tonight. FNS told Dot Esports that he’s “playing no matter what.” 

OpTic earned a spot in the upper final of the VCT Stage 2 Challengers following a 2-0 victory against Evil Geniuses on June 19. The winner of the match against XSET tonight will secure qualification for VCT Masters in Copenhagen, which is set to begin on July 10 and conclude on July 24. 

The loser of the match will have one more chance to qualify for the international event through the lower bracket. NRG will take on FaZe Clan tonight to determine the final three teams in the tournament. The winner of the match in the losers final will qualify for VCT Masters and take on the finalist.