One of VALORANT’s original maps is returning to competitive queue—with a whole collection of changes

Teleporting back to one of the OGs.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready, agents. Next month, ranked VALORANT enjoyers will be stepping back onto some old stomping grounds with the return of Bind to competitive queues, Riot Games confirmed today.

The classic map will be coming back for Patch 6.08, which is scheduled to release next month. That’s not the only thing that will be headed to the live servers, though. Bind will be returning to competitive with a ton of changes that should force everyone to adjust their playstyles and strategies moving forward.

Although both sites will be getting some changes, the A site is getting a major makeover compared to the two changes made over on the B site. One of the biggest map changes will be the relocation of the A teleporter room, going from its lonely corner to right next to the entrance to A showers.

The A site is also getting some major adjustments, including a new triple box layout that has an elongated section instead of the three even squares in the center of the site. Whether you’re protecting the site as a defender or defending a plant as an attacker, this new triple should give you more room to work with as you maneuver against your opponents.

The walls of the site are also getting adjusted, with the back wall getting flattened with the entrance of heaven, and the side wall getting a new hop-up spot for defenders to use. With the absence of the back cubby, players who attack from heaven can now peek to their right to ensure that they don’t have any enemies sneaking up on them from behind in that little hiding place.

B site, on the other hand, will be getting a couple of adjustments to the doorway from the defender’s spawn, along with a new vent hole that some players can use to throw utility from site into B elbow and hall. This can be great for any attackers who want to flush out that area with some surprise utility, without having to swing into the hall itself.

Ultimately, these changes should inject some new life into this old map and give experienced agents a new challenge when stepping onto the updated Bind for the first time on Tuesday, April 25.


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