Omen, Sova among most-played Agents in VALORANT First Strike NSG Open Qualifier

Most teams know what they like and stick to it.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is a game of utility and preferences, meaning teams are likely to know exactly how they want to play on every map and which Agents they want to use in most scenarios, with very little change in that approach. 

In 206 games at the First Strike: North America Open Qualifier, there were four Agents that nearly every team prioritized when making their squad. Those percentages do still heavily depend on which map is being played, with one of the top Agents dropping into the bottom two in usage rate on one map in particular. 

According to, Omen is the top pick on all four maps that are currently in the competitive rotation. Overall, he is picked 99 percent of the time, with his lowest map selection being on Bind at 94, which is still more than any other Agent. 

The next closest is Sova, though he is picked upwards of 90 percent of the time on Ascent, Bind, and Haven. That figure drops all the way to 5 percent on Split because his utility options aren’t as useful, however.

Jett and Cypher are the last Agents in that top four, holding a 75 percent and 70 percent pick rate, respectively. 

Jett sees more usage across all maps, with her highest map selection coming on Haven. Cypher, on the other hand, sees the most usage on Bind with 89 percent.

The next tier down houses Reyna, Raze, and Breach, each of which have at least one map that they outrank some of the top four Agents on, except for Reyna. 

Skye and Phoenix round out the mid-tier usage Agents with 30 percent and 26 percent usage rates, respectively. Between Viper, Brimstone, and Sage, they share a 7 percent pick rate, with both Viper and Sage marked as zero percent on Bind. Brimstone has the lowest overall total percentage per map, with his highest usage rate coming on Bind at just 6 percent.