New VALORANT weapon skins found in the game’s files are sexy

This game will be a gold mine for skins.

Image via Riot Games

A slew of new weapon skins have been found in VALORANT’s game files and posted on Reddit, offering a peek into what could be coming to the store in the future.

Only a handful of them have images of what they’ll potentially look like, but they look awesome. Many others have only had their names data mined.

Screengrab via u/FloxaY
Screengrab via u/FloxaY

The three skin collections that have textures in the files are called Drips, Hypebeast, and Toy. Drips has a gold theme, Hypebeast has a clean black, white, purple, and gold theme, and Toy makes the weapons look like laser tag guns.

The coolest thing to take away from the available images is that the Hypebeast collection features a hatchet as the melee weapon. Previously, only knives were available as melee skins, so this means any kind of weapon is possible.

The other data-mined collections are called BlastX, Cyberpunk, Dragon, Edge, Magepunk, and Sovereign, but no images are available just yet.

Skins bought in VALORANT’s beta won’t be available in the full game, but all purchases of in-game currency will have a 20-percent bonus when it releases this summer.