Luminosity beat Envy in the middle of an impressive run in the VCT Challengers Closed Qualifier

Luminosity are on a tear and VALORANT fans should take note.

Screengrab via Luminosity

Luminosity have pulled off two of the most impressive VALORANT wins of 2021 in back-to-back series of the VCT Challengers Closed Qualifier.

First, they upset Sentinels yesterday with a 2-0 victory that featured a 14-12 barnburner of an opening map on Icebox. And today, Luminosity defeated Envy 2-0 with two 13-10 scorelines on Ascent and Bind.

Specifically, Brady “thief” Dever has been impressive. He showed VALORANT fans why they’d be foolish to count Luminosity out of any match with a massive spray down of Envy to send Ascent to match point.

So far, Luminosity have had the most remarkable run in the tournament. Sentinels were one of the favorites in the event and are considered by many fans and analysts to be a top-tier team in NA. Envy have been excellent in recent tournaments and are no slouches either.

Luminosity await the victor of the Immortals vs. Gen.G matchup in the upper bracket finals. If they win, they’ll secure a spot in the grand finals. Envy will play XSET in the lower bracket in an effort to stay alive in the tournament.

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