It took 2 years, but VALORANT players might have found the first runboost on Ascent

Yoru and Neon combine to get onto high ground in a very rare way.

Image via Riot Games

For the longest time, VALORANT has been a chaotic tactical shooter thanks to its myriad of abilities and variety of weapons, and yet, using teammates to boost people onto higher ground is near impossible. VALORANT’s dev team has made sure to design the maps with no runboosting options, but it seems that two avid ranked players and popular streamers Grumpy and ZipTie have found the first true way to do so in VALORANT, on the map Ascent.

These players are fully focused on Neon and Yoru, respectively, using everything they can from their kits to get value at some of the higher ranks in competitive. ZipTie, in particular, is known for doing a form of self-runboost with a Yoru clone and a teleporter to reach high ground. This example of a runboost is a lot more standard, with each player helping the other get to high ground via each other’s shoulders.

The area in question is in mid, on the defense side, just past the gate as you turn right. ZipTie gets to the corner, and jumps just as Grumpy tries to move underneath him. Then, ZipTie just spams the jump button to get onto the gate itself. After placing a teleporter, he does the same for his buddy, allowing Neon to get on. 

Then, the craziest part. ZipTie teleports to the same high ground and runs just to the right before jumping off. Grumpy then uses his Neon run to jump on top of ZipTie’s head mid-jump, allowing him to get to the gate closer to B site.

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Just getting onto the gate seems relatively easy, albeit with some practice and coordination needed. The second part, getting to the next gate, is something that needs a Neon and Yoru specifically: one to teleport back up, the other to run and jump on the other’s head.

This clearly took a lot of practice, as Yoru needed to jump a very particular path to get Neon to run and slide onto his head to get to that second gate. But, if it works, you can get a similar position that a Jett can on defense, but with a lot more teamwork needed.

This might not be something you can consistently do in your ranked games, but if you have the Neon and Yoru and feel like surprising your enemies, give this runboost a try before Riot finds out and patches it.

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