How to play Pearl in VALORANT

Pearl is a straightforward map with no tricks.

Image via Riot Games

Pearl is the newest VALORANT map that takes place in an underwater sea covered by a geo-dome, giving fans a beautiful new map to learn and master. There are only two sites on Pearl and there aren’t any gimmicks like teleporters or ropes. This straightforward experience is refreshing and lowers the amount of information players will need to learn to master the new map.

Mastering Pearl will make you a valuable asset to your team, and the easiest way to learn is by understanding each area of the map. Here is a brief breakdown of the Pearl sites and callouts to help your team communicate effectively and efficiently.

Pearl overview

Screengrab via Riot Games

Pearl A site

Screengrab via Riot Games | Remix by Dot Esports

A site is a claustrophobic area that almost guarantees a close-quarters battle for teams. Defenders can reach the site through A Secret, A Flowers, and A Link, while Attackers can use A Main and A Art. Defenders must prevent enemies from planting the Spike, but holding the areas leading to A site is a better idea.

Defenders should push into A Main and A Link at the start of the map to maintain map control and prevent attackers from dictating the tempo and flow of the round. Holding these areas can stop an attack in its tracks while also giving teammates on B site time to rotate.

Long-range weapons can still be used on A site, but don’t expect wide open spaces or sightlines like B site.

Pearl B site

Screengrab via Riot Games | Remix by Dot Esports

B site on Pearl introduces a vertical element not present anywhere else on the map outside of one small spot in the middle area. Defenders need to cover the site from a few different entrances, although the most commonly used will likely be B Main and B Link. 

B Main has one of the longest sightlines on the map, giving players on both sides a chance to pick off enemies with rifles or Operators. Venturing through this area is dangerous since there is only a pillar and a small enclave along the outer wall to use as cover. Attackers are almost required to use utility to cover their push or rely on a talented duelist to secure a pick on the player covering the area. 

B Link leads to Mid Plaza, which serves as the center point of the map leading to both sites. Attackers can take Mid Plaza and B Link to get to B site, although this is more difficult since there are more places where defenders cans top their push. But a quick hit through Mid Doors is possible and defenders on B should always have at least one player covering B Link.

B Tower is a second story directly above the site, giving defenders a vantage point on the entire area. Attackers must push through the site to reach this area, which is an excellent choice for defending the Spike in a post-plant scenario. B Hall is a short hallway on the edge of B site that should always be cleared by attackers to avoid being killed by a lurking enemy. Both B Hall and B Tower are excellent spots for covering the Spike, so remember to plant the Spike in a visible spot.