How to play Omen in VALORANT

Shadow step your way to success.

Image via Riot Games

If you were lucky enough to get access to the closed beta of Riot Games’ new tactical shooter, VALORANT, then here’s a quick guide to help you learn about Omen, one of the game’s shadowy control agents.

Omen’s abilities are quite unique, because he provides a good amount of zone control while also having one of the better mobility tools in the game with his ultimate. It’s easy to get caught up with all the teleporting, however; you have to learn to stay in the shadows and strike when and where your enemies least expect it.


  • Paranoia: Send out an Ethereal shadow in a straight line, near-sighting anyone it touches.
  • Shadow Walk: After a delay, dematerialize and teleport a short distance.
  • Signature Ability – Dark Cover: Cast out an ethereal orb that bursts into an sphere of shadow at its final location. Can be charged to increase distance.
  • Ultimate Ability – From the Shadows: Select anywhere on the map to teleport and reform. When arriving, appear as a Shade that will go back to your original location if killed. Once the teleport is complete, become incorporeal for a short time.

Similar to Overwatch‘s Reaper, Omen is all about being able to find unique positions and angles behind the enemy team. His Shadow Walk allows him to move across doors and open areas safely, and he can also control areas or block sight with his long range Dark Cover. Omen’s ultimate, From the Shadows, can be used to find crazy flanks for his team in almost any situation.


Screengrab via Riot Games

Hidden in the darkness, Omen uses smoke and secrecy to take down his enemies. On offense, players can use Dark Cover to protect his teammates by blocking the opposition’s vision during a bomb site push. He can also use his Paranoia ability in conjunction with other agents’ abilities to disable some enemies for a big push.

Dark Cover can also be used to block vision while he teleports away with Into the Shadows. Into the Shadows can be used in multiple ways, whether it’s to get behind entrenched defenders on a bomb site or surprise attackers with a well-timed flank.

Omen players have to be very selective when it comes to teleporting around the map, since he can be easily singled out by a coordinated team. Choosing the right moment to engage is key, since you’ll want to take out multiple enemies before the enemy team even knows you’ve struck.

Ultimately, Omen is a good flank attacker that has to choose the perfect time to attack to maximize his effectiveness for the team.