How to get Account Points quickly in VALORANT

Spend your time wisely.

Image via Riot Games

Riot introduced account leveling in Patch 3.0 on June 22, adding a new way to recognize and reward players for their time spent in VALORANT.

The progression system tracks account levels across all game modes and builds up over time. A numeric level based on how much you play the game can be found on your account player card.

To level up, you can earn account points based on how many games you play and how many hours you sink into the game. The system rewards you based on your loyalty and time invested in not just competitive but every game mode.

Earning account points as quickly and as efficiently as possible

Accounts points are earned from playing any type of game mode in VALORANT.

The amount of account points you earn per match depends on the result and the duration played, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re playing competitive, unranked, or Spike Rush.

There’s a tiny bonus for winning matches, according to senior competitive designer Jon “EvrMoar” Walker, but that’s it.

You’ll also be rewarded bonus account points for your first win of the day. 

Leveling fast is all about how many hours you spend playing the game. If you’re an avid player and you queue up daily, your level will naturally increase. Make sure to get your first win of the day to progress at a steady pace.

Your account level increases with every 5,000 account points earned. You’ll start with a silver border at levels one to 99, all the way up to a gold border from levels 300 to 399. But you won’t necessarily start at level one. 

Image via Riot Games

You’ll receive a certain amount of account points based on how many matches you’ve played prior to Patch 3.0. You could be anywhere from account level one to 100 (or more) depending on how many games you’ve played up to June 22. 

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