How to download the VALORANT PBE

Here's how you can access the game's advanced stuff.

VALORANT agents Omen and Phoenix on a red and black background.
Image via Riot Games

Before a new update is implemented in video games, some developers first test it out on their game’s public beta environment or PBE. This helps devs know what to improve based on the feedback by players who can access it before the content makes its way to public servers.

VALORANT is no stranger to that concept. The 2020 breakout FPS title by Riot Games allows a limited number of players to try and test the different content, features, and even gameplay mechanics before Riot puts it out on the actual game patch.

To become a VALORANT PBE tester, you have to be from the North American (NA) region. Players outside of NA won’t be allowed to be a part of it. The players also cannot have any bans or restrictions on their official VALORANT accounts to be able to participate in the PBE.

Assuming you are eligible to be a part of the VALORANT PBE, head to the official PBE program website of the game and log in to your NA Riot account. There will be sign-up questions you need to answer, but once done, you can then download the official VALORANT PBE client.

Take note that not all players will be allowed to enter the PBE. Riot will still select who can be a part of it. Check the email address associated with your NA Riot account to know if you can enter. 

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