How to crouch in VALORANT

As is the case with any keybind, you can change it if you'd like.

Image via Riot Games

The use of walking and crouching in tactical shooters often plays a vital role in your ability to hold a position or win a gunfight—and VALORANT is no different.

Players regularly use crouching as a way to create a perceived advantage when in one-vs-one situations.

While many high-level players use customized keybinds to make their specific crouch button unique to them, every account starts with the same bind for the ability.

The default keybind for crouch in VALORANT is Left CTRL.

The button is directly below the default keybind for walking, which is Left Shift.

If that keybind isn’t something that you personally want to use for whatever reason, there’s no need to fret. You can easily change your crouch keybind by going to your game’s settings.

You can edit the binding for crouch by going to the “Controls” tab. Crouch is in the second-to-last row under the sub-tab “Movement.” 

Along with adjusting the keybind for the ability, you can also adjust your settings to make your crouch toggleable.

If, like many people, Left CTRL seems like an awkward keybind, you might want to consider moving the walk and/or crouch binds to any auxiliary bindable mouse buttons you have.

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