The Fastest ways to get XP in VALORANT

Get on the XP grind.

Image via Riot Games

Receiving experience after a game in VALORANT can help players earn new characters, weapon skins, or even complete your daily challenges. 

Despite not being integral to your overall enjoyment of VALORANT, finishing contracts and completing challenges increases the longevity of the title. Contracts also help you learn new skills with new characters and make your weaponry look awesome. 

There are several ways to grind for your XP goals. 

Some tactics take longer than others, however have some significant perks that assist in your overall VALORANT gameplay.

Here’s a list of tactics for players to get as much XP as fast as possible:

  • Completing Daily Missions – These can include buying armor a bunch of times or using abilities. 
  • Playing Unrated or Competitive – These games will give you roughly 300 XP per round win and 100xp per round loss. This can take some time but will increase your game-awareness overall. 
  • Playing Spike Rush – This game mode is a shorter version of the unrated and competitive, offering a speedy solution to your XP hunt. It allows you to use your abilities, and offers you points when you win. Players get roughly 1000 XP per game win.
  • Playing Deathmatch – Deathmatch is an excellent way to grind through matches and get XP along the way. This game mode helps players practice their aim and gets you through your XP grind fast. It doesn’t help completing the missions however. Each game will give you 500 XP 
Image via Riot Games

There you have it. A simple way to grind to get your contracts completed and your skins unlocked. Players can now smash through their VALORANT battle pass and get to tier 100 with ease.