Hiko says the Spectre is too good at medium to long range in VALORANT

The 100 Thieves player thinks Riot could nerf the SMG just a bit.

Screengrab via VALORANT Esports

Spencer “Hiko” Martin, the captain of 100 Thieves’ VALORANT team, is impressed by how accurate the Spectre, one out of two submachine guns in the game, is in comparison to the other SMG, the Stinger, which was nerfed back in February.

The 1,600 creds SMG has medium wall penetration and also comes with a silencer, making the tracers not visible to enemies. “I think the Spectre is just too good at medium to long range,” Hiko said during his latest stream. “The Stinger is all right at close-range but it shoots so fast and the recoil is so crazy that medium to long range is terrible. Before, the Stinger was really good at medium range. Now, the Spectre is good at all ranges and is more or less just frustrating to get like double or triple headshots from across the map.”

Although VALORANT only has two options if you want to buy an SMG right now and some players have been asking for more guns, the 26-year-old pro doesn’t think that’s entirely necessary. Instead, he believes that the devs should perhaps nerf the Spectre without making it unviable.

“I don’t think they need to add another SMG, I just think they need to fix the current SMGs,” Hiko said. “I’m not even really complaining that the Spectre is too good, I just think that maybe they could nerf it a little bit, without making it useless. I guess that one of the SMGs have to be good just so people buy them in the second round. If you win the pistol, you have to have a viable option other than a shotgun or a rifle, that’s why the SMGs exist.”

Since VALORANT’s devs have been talking with the pros constantly, we might see some changes to the Spectre in the future if other pros agree with Hiko’s opinion on the current state of the SMG.

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