Hiko pulls off insane VALORANT 6K to clutch a round in ranked mode

Or a 7K if you count Phoenix's ultimate.

Photo via DreamHack

Hiko’s done it again.

The 100 Thieves VALORANT captain absolutely dominated on Haven during today’s Twitch broadcast, snagging six kills to clutch a pivotal round to end the half.

With two teammates taken out early in the round, Hiko killed the enemy Jett to make it a three-vs-four scenario. The former CS:GO pro then made his way to the C site along with his squad.

Hiko popped Jett’s ultimate and slung knives at the enemy Killjoy, taking out her Lockdown device in the process. But the enemies quickly converged on the site, shooting down the pro’s allies and creating an unfavorable situation. The opposing Sage also resurrected Jett, making it a one-vs-four. That did little to stop Hiko, however.

The pro took out Brimstone before faking a plant. As soon as the enemy Phoenix ulted, Hiko patiently waited to headshot the clone. Hiko then turned his attention to the footsteps coming from garage, headshotting the Sage and then the Jett hovering in the air.

With one enemy, six bullets, and a dream, the pro saw a flash coming from CT. Hiko quickly looked away to shorten the flash’s effect and then turned back to wipe out the Phoenix for the clutch and ace.

Hiko and his team went on to win the match 13-10. He earned the Match MVP title.

For more amazing Hiko plays, tune in to the pro’s Twitch channel.