Here are the best player cards in VALORANT

Show off your profile in style.

Image via Riot Games

Player cards are an essential part of any VALORANT player’s loadout. There are no shortages of customization options in VALORANT and your profile’s appearance is no exception. Honestly, if you’re not subtly flexing on your opponents in the loading screen, you’re already putting yourself at a disadvantage in the rounds to come. 

Granted, many of the player cards you’ll see in-game are unavailable due to their associated battle passes falling out of rotation, but there are still plenty of well-designed player cards to pick up and show off with. Plus, future battle passes will be stocked to the brim with player cards, so don’t feel bad if you missed out on any of the cards that have already slipped through their respective windows of availability. 

With well over 150 player cards released throughout VALORANT’s history, there have been plenty of top-tier options for players to choose from. Here are the best player cards to ever be available in VALORANT


Image via Riot Games

Source: Magepunk weapon bundle

Not many player cards in VALORANT are able to combine colors as well as the Magepunk card. Something about the blue and gold color scheme that pops out of this player card makes it a top-notch choice for any profile. Additionally, the attention to detail on the engineer’s glove warrants a double-take every time. If you find yourself waiting around in a pre-game lobby, take a good look at this one—there’s probably a detail or two that you missed. 


Image via Riot Games

Source: Oni weapon bundle

Oni masks will always be cool no matter where they’re showcased and the VALORANT art team does a fantastic job of depicting one in this player card. You can really deck yourself out with Oni gear if you buy the Oni Phantom skin since you’ll have an Oni mask staring back at you every time your primary weapon is equipped. 

Versus: Phoenix + Jett

Image via Riot Games

Source: Episode One, Act Two battle pass

The first player card to feature multiple agents, the Versus: Phoenix + Jett player card showcases two of VALORANT’s most iconic agents engaged in a fierce battle scene. The card references a scene from the “Duelists” cinematic, which was released alongside the launch of the game in 2020. Plus, this player card spawned the “Versus” series of cards, which each depict several agents in action, either working in tandem with each other or going head-to-head in some cases. 


Image via Riot Games

Source: Episode Two, Act One battle pass

It’s always nice seeing VALORANT agents painted in a different setting than the usual heat of battle that they’re used to. With that in mind, this player card depicting Killjoy relaxing and studying at a desk (to the tune of Lo-Fi hip hop beats, no doubt) ranks as one of the game’s top player cards when it comes to style and originality. 


Image via Riot Games

Source: Elderflame weapon bundle

The Elderflame player card showcases a monstrous red and orange dragon facing off against an armored warrior, painting an epic scene on a relatively small canvas. Additionally, the Elderflame player card is one of the only cards in the game to feature an alternate border. The cracked stones around the edges of the card make the huge dragon appear to be popping out of the scene and almost have a three-dimensional effect. 

Epilogue: Mementos Pt. 1

Image via Riot Games

Source: Episode Two, Act Three battle pass

The Epilogue: Mementos player card was the reward for completing the battle pass for Episode Two, Act Three. Another version of this card was available to unlock earlier in the battle pass, but the gold variant that’s rewarded for completing the pass in its entirety is well worth the grind. There aren’t any other cards in VALORANT that feature this many characters from the cast and seeing them in a much more casual setting like this is definitely a welcome alternative from the usual cards that depict the game’s agents in an intense battle. And, not for nothing, it’s pretty neat seeing VALORANT agents wearing something other than the usual default outfits that they wear in each game—even if this card is the closest we’ll get to alternate character skins for the time being.