Gambit nAts hits 2 headshots with Phantom and doesn’t kill either enemy, fueling Phantom vs. Vandal debate

Both guns can be detrimental at times.

Image via Riot Games

Gambit Esports’ Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin recently encountered four players in a VALORANT public match and only killed one of them despite hitting two headshots with the Phantom, leading to the popular Phantom vs. Vandal debate. 

VALORANT players have two options when selecting a viable rifle: the Vandal or Phantom. The Phantom is a suppressed weapon that’s easier to control but lacks the power of the Vandal. But the Vandal has an intense recoil that’s tough to master, especially when fighting multiple enemies. These slight differences have led to the VALORANT community consistently arguing about which is the better option. 

VALORANT pro nAts recently encountered four enemies when he turned a corner and attempted to gun down the entire group. He killed the first player and hit two other enemies in the head before they turned and killed him. NAts used this situation as an example of how the Phantom isn’t the best choice in some situations since a Vandal would’ve killed the other enemies with one headshot. 

But hitting multiple headshots on different enemies is tough with the Vandal’s recoil and moving between targets. It’s unclear if nAts could’ve hit the same shots with the other rifle, but it’s frustrating to hit multiple headshots without killing the enemy. 

Players can make a convincing argument for either rifle since they’re both excellent choices in almost any situation. But sometimes, one is the better option and can make the difference between life or death. Just remember the disadvantages of each weapon when engaging an enemy. 

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