Frenzy, Stinger prices potentially increasing in upcoming VALORANT patch


Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s Frenzy and Stinger might be getting a price nerf in the game’s next patch, according to a video published by HitScan.

The Frenzy was a popular pistol-round buy that many argued had too many advantages for how cheap it was (400 credits). Sure, it had a small magazine capacity, but its low cost meant it could be purchased with light armor in the first round of the game. Clearly, there are meant to be more drawbacks to investing lots into the pistol round, so the Frenzy is getting a price increase to 500 credits, according to a screengrab from the HitScan video (the buy screen is visible at 1:57).

Screengrab via HitScan

The Stinger was another early-round devil. The small SMG had exceptional range and movement accuracy for its price (1,000 credits) and dominated the second and third rounds. If the pistol round was close enough, there often was no way of telling who actually won the round based on each team’s purchases since the Stinger was so strong and cheap. Riot wants the SMG to remain a buzzsaw in close-quarters fights but wants to remove its ability to kill at range. The Stinger’s price has been nerfed to 1,100, according to the HitScan video.

These price changes to the two controversial weapons should ensure that winning or losing a round has more consequences. The “Frenzy meta” has often been criticized and these two leaked price nerfs in the latest VALORANT patch seem to be directly targeting that.

Neither of these price changes have been confirmed by Riot and there could be additional changes in the future.

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