Fracture removed from VALORANT competitive queue due to bug

It shouldn't be too long before Fracture is back.

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT players will be without the game’s newest map for a little bit due to a game-breaking bug.

Riot Games announced today that Fracture, which made its debut in Competitive mode yesterday, has been temporarily removed from the VALORANT ranked queue. The reason for this removal, according to the official VALORANT Twitter account, is because a bug has arisen where the Spike spawns underneath the map, making it impossible for the offensive team to retrieve it. The developer hopes to remedy this problem within 24 hours.

Before yesterday, Fracture could only be played in non-ranked queues. Changes had been made to the map’s B site in Patch 3.06, which aimed to protect those hiding behind crates in the site from bullets.

With Riot giving a hopeful timetable for the fix, VALORANT players should be back on Fracture soon without having to worry about the bug.