Female VALORANT team accused of having boyfriend stand in during online Galorants tournament

A Google doc has outlined all the reasons why mars' boyfriend could have been behind her win.

Screengrab via Riot Games

An all-female VALORANT team has been accused of cheating during the recent Galorants Astral Clash event.

Team Fallacy is being accused of cheating at a recent online tournament, with one of the player’s boyfriends allegedly standing in during a match. An entire document was released to support the shocking accusations, stating Mars’ boyfriend, ex-TSM FTX star Payen, was using her account during the event.

The document was shared because the event was the Last Chance Qualifier for the Astral Clash LAN tournament in California, with the winner getting a fully paid-for trip.

Evidence stacks up against accused VALORANT player

The Google doc went over an abundance of circumstantial and screenshot evidence that all came together to make mars look guilty of cheating, from suspicious behavior to past performance.

A clip of Mars allegedly getting a 1v5 ace is what initially led to the allegations. During the clip, Mars cannot be heard saying a single thing, which many found to be a strange response from someone who won in a 1v5 situation.

Looking into the situation further, VALORANT players noticed there was a lot of similarities with how Payen plays the shooter. For example, Mars uses ‘F’ instead of ‘C’ as a keybind, but went back to default binds during the tournament, the same as her boyfriend Payen. Mars also typically uses a dot crosshair but was using Payen’s usual crosshair during the 1v5 moment.

“Finally, we could not find a single clip of mars using the Discord in-game overlay while playing with her team. Payen, on the other hand, has multiple clips on his Twitter where he has it on. In this 1v5 clip, the Discord overlay is on,” the document read.

The Google doc went on to explain that Payen was seen queuing with the Fallacy roster in ranked a day before the event. Interestingly, Mars wasn’t there. The document questioned why Payen would be there instead of Mars, speculating that it was because “they wouldn’t be playing with her in the tournament.”

Did Fallacy cheat at the Astral Clash tournament?

So far, it’s all accusations.

Riot Games has yet to make any rulings after the evidence was released and mars has her Twitter locked so she has been silent about the situation. This has left fans in the dark about the validity of the accusations.

Some believe all of the items listed in the document are not enough to amount to someone cheating, with some noting that changing a keybind is not too unheard of.

But others feel that all of it together adds up to be a bit suspicious, at least.

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