FaZe Clan earn their first win at VCT Challengers 2 by sweeping Cloud9

FaZe Clan bounce back after a 0-2 start to the group stage.

Image via FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan earned their first win of the VCT Challengers 2 group stage with a 2-0 win against Cloud9 today. 

FaZe started out strong with a dominant win on Cloud9’s map pick of Fracture. After taking an 8-4 lead at the half, FaZe only allowed Cloud9 one round in the second half before closing the map out 13-5. Dicey and babybay showed up for their team on Fracture by dropping KDs of 1.88 on Chamber and 1.9 on Neon, respectively. After losing their map pick, Cloud9 would have to take down FaZe Clan on Haven to keep them from sweeping the series. 

Unlike on Fracture, Cloud9 tied with FaZe 6-6 at the half but slowly began losing control once they were on the attack. Meanwhile, FaZe seemed much more comfortable on defense with their composition and easily took over the opening rounds. Cloud9 fought back against FaZe after losing five consecutive rounds in a row, but the map still weighed heavily towards FaZe. Even after taking two rounds in the second half, Cloud9 failed to throw FaZe off their game and lost the second map 13-8, wrapping up the series. 

Once again, the dynamic duo of dicey and babybay brought the thunder on Haven as both players popped off on their respective agents. Dicey walked away with a 1.66 KD, while babybay had a slightly lesser 1.05 KD this time around. FaZe Clan will have to play Sentinels on June 4 to keep their playoff hopes alive. Cloud9, on the other hand, will face Luminosity on June 5.