Fan creates amazing version of CS:GO’s Dust II in VALORANT—but you can’t play it

Maybe you'll able to play maps like this in the future.

Image via Valve

Dust II, a staple map of the Counter-Strike video game series, has been created in VALORANT by a fan and map maker called Archmeton with the usage of Uaiana, an Unreal Engine plugin for creating content for Riot Games’ FPS.

Archmeton claims his version of Dust II in VALORANT is the first custom map created for the game. Archmeton’s team ported the base shape of Dust II into Unreal Engine 5 and started working on it from there.

The fan-made version of Dust II in VALORANT looks quite similar to the one in CS:GO but with the unique visuals that Riot’s FPS has. It’s likely that a person who never played Counter-Strike wouldn’t be capable of telling this map doesn’t originally belong to VALORANT given all the work Archmeton and his team put into making it look like a classic VALORANT map.

“All we had to do was remove CS:GO props and add VALORANT props, add textures, blend textures, fix lighting, fix even more lighting, add more textures […], and finally a touch of textures,” Archmeton joked about explaining the process of making Dust II to VALORANT.

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Unfortunately for the Dust II fans who play VALORANT, Riot doesn’t support custom-made content for the game at the moment. Therefore, Archmeton didn’t release a download link for his version of Dust II.

Archmeton hopes that Riot adds mod support to VALORANT at some point so the game can benefit from custom-made content. He guessed that the lack of support for custom-made maps has something to do with Riot’s anti-cheat for VALORANT.