Everything you need to know about EMEA Game Changers 2022

The EMEA region has a lot to look forward to this year in women's VALORANT.

Image via Riot Games

A new season of Game Changers is set to start in 2022 and fans are excited to see how the women of VALORANT will perform in the new year.

Three Game Changers events will take place throughout the year in January, May, and September. The teams that do well in the events throughout the year will qualify for the Global Game Changers event in November. No exact dates have been revealed beyond the months in which the tournaments will be held.

This year, Game Changers will also see the introduction of Game Changers EMEA Academy, which is a place for new teams to compete in up to six tournaments throughout the year and will allow teams to play together to gain experience.

For women who aspire to be a part of teams that compete in the VCT, this is their path-to-pro. The EMEA Game Changers events will run parallel to the VCT but avoid any overlaps if possible to give teams the opportunity to compete in both Game Changers events and other tournaments within the EMEA region, such as the VALORANT Regional Leagues and the VCT proper.

In a press conference prior to the start of the new season, Riot confirmed that its policy surrounding the eligibility of other marginalized gendered persons is not changing. This policy differs from the North American Game Changers, which is more inclusive.

Details about the Game Changers Global tournament have not been revealed yet, but the tournament will likely feature teams from North America, Southeast Asia, Brazil, EMEA, and more as the program expands.

In 2021, all three of the Game Changers EMEA tournaments were held within a few months of each other and teams had little time to prepare for the next one. This year, the competition is expected to ramp up as teams become settled and synergy becomes strong.

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