Everything we know about VALORANT’s Phoenix

This fiery character is ready to light up the battlefield.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ new first-person shooter, VALORANT, has a diverse cast of agents that’s ready to light up any enemies at a moment’s notice. But none of them are quite as bright as Phoenix.

Phoenix hails from the United Kingdom and has a few tricks up his sleeve that will help keep his allies safe. He’s also able to dazzle, distract, and ignite his opponent’s at the flick of a wrist. His name represents his powers well. He uses a great combination of flash and fury to take down his enemies, just like a true phoenix would.

This blazing Brit can throw fireballs at his enemies that explode after a delay or upon impact with the ground. They damage enemies while also healing him in the process. Phoenix can cast a wall of fire that blocks any vision and damages enemies that walk through it. Players can bend the wall by turning while holding down left-click.

Image via Riot Games

Phoenix’s signature ability is Curveball, which sends out a flare that can also be curved by turning while holding left and right-click. This ability temporarily blinds any enemies that are looking at it when it detonates.

Image via Riot Games

Finally, Run It Back is Phoenix’s ultimate ability. When activated, the player marks their current location. If he dies during the rest of the ability’s duration, the player will be reborn back at the marked location with full health.

This ability is perfect for players who want to rush ahead of their team to scout for enemies or to try and find early picks without any repercussions. Phoenix has a great combination of utility and offensive capabilities and should be a great pick for any team composition.

VALORANT is set to be released this summer.