Blitz update allows VALORANT players to see their teammates’ stats

Now you can decide if you want to dodge based on your team's stats.

Image via Blitz

Performance app Blitz was recently updated for VALORANT to include an overlay that informs the user of the ranks, win rate, and KDA of their teammates.

Blitz has been a great addition for players across titles like League of Legends, VALORANT, Fortnite, and others to learn strategies to get better at the game and give insight into their teammates and opponents. The app can be downloaded for free and added as an overlay to any of the supported game titles.

Blitz also allows users to look up anyone from a respective title as long as they know the username of the player they are trying to research. Outside of stats on individual players, Blitz allows players to look up strategies for every VALORANT agent depending on the map. This ensures that players are never left in the dark if they have never played an agent on a certain map before.

The latest update for Blitz gives VALORANT players relevant information on the teammates in their lobbies. The Blitz overlay appears to the right of each player in the lobby, including the one using the Blitz app. There are several different relevant pieces of information given about each teammate, including their rank, their win rate, their KDA, headshot percentage, and how their last five games went. Additionally, players can see a teammate’s average damage per round (ADR) as well as their average combat score (ACS).

This information can help the user determine the skill of their teammates before they decide to lock in an agent. Depending on the ranks of their teammates or how their last five games went, the person using Blitz may decide to dodge in agent select.