Best VALORANT gun skins from 2021

2021 introduced a lot of exciting skins, but a few are the clear winners.

Image via Riot Games

2021 was a big year for VALORANT. The competitive scene steadily grew as teams from each region fought to be the best, and fans received a consistent flow of new content. The game also received dozens of new skins for almost every weapon, making it easier for players to find the perfect option for their style. 

A few skins stood out above the rest because of their design or concept, making them the best VALORANT gun skins from 2021. Some skins are still in the shop rotation, while others are no longer available or were only unlockable in a battle pass. We made a list of the best gun skins for each weapon to showcase the most exciting skins from throughout the year and to give you a look at a few of the skins you should look out for in your in-game store.

Glitchpop Vandal – 2175 VP

The Glitchpop Vandal was included in the second batch of skins featuring this futuristic skin line and has three unlockable variants. This skin is perfect for players looking to make a statement as they slay their opponents. The Glitchpop Vandal also features unique sounds and animations when upgrading, making it even more fun to use. 

Prime 2.0 Phantom – 1775 VP

The Prime skins are some of the simplest and most sleek skins in VALORANT and look good on almost any weapon. The Phantom is no exception, and the Prime 2.0 Phantom should be an automatic buy if it appears in your store. We can’t prove it helps you hit more headshots, but we also can’t prove that it doesn’t. 

Infantry Operator – 875 VP

The Infantry skin line was a controversial release as some players didn’t understand why World War II-themed weapons were coming to VALORANT. Those players were wrong, as these skins were some of the best released in 2021. The Infantry Operator allows players to feel like a deadly sniper with its classic design and is one of the best cheap Operator skins available. 

Magepunk Ghost – 1775 VP

The Magepunk skin line added a bit of magic to VALORANT, with visuals that combine modern technology with retro designs. The Magepunk Ghost is one of the best skins in the first bundle, and players can upgrade it to change the color flowing through the weapon. 

Nunca Olvidados Frenzy – 1275 VP

The Día de los Muertos-inspired Nunca Olvidados skin line was one of the best releases in 2021. Fans everywhere could purchase skins celebrating the Mexican holiday, and each skin features a light and dark theme that changes when moving through dark and light areas. The Nunca Olvidados Frenzy includes exciting details from the bigger weapons and is an excellent choice for players who use this gun. 

SPECTRUM Classic – 2675 VP

The SPECTRUM bundle was a collaboration with Zedd, one of the most popular DJs worldwide, who is also a VALORANT fan. The skins include several exciting details like a custom song that plays when inspected and four different color options. Every player starts with a Classic, and the SPECTRUM Classic is a great way to start a game with a bang. 

Infantry Guardian – 875 VP

You thought we were only going to include one Infantry skin in our list? Don’t be silly. 

The Infantry Guardian is essentially an M1-Garand that even has the iconic ping sound when you run out of bullets. The Guardian is already a rifle most players overlook despite having one of the highest damage per bullet and bullet, and the Infantry skin makes it feel even deadlier. 

Arcane Sheriff – 2,380 VP

The Arcane Sheriff was a unique skin acquired by purchasing the Arcane Collector’s Set in November. This cosmetic was part of the promotion for Arcane, the League of Legends-inspired Netflix show. This visual takes inspiration from Jinx’s pistol in Arcane and features a special shooting animation. Unfortunately for players looking to get this cosmetic, it is reportedly not returning to the store or Night Market, so you’re out of luck if you don’t already have it. 

Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky – 1775 VP

The Radiant Crisis skin bundle brought a comic book art style to VALORANT, complete with onomatopeia when equipping weapons are killing enemies. The Bucky was one of the guns lucky enough to be included in the bundle, and this silver 2D version of the gun is one of the best released in 2021. Other skins in the bundle almost made the cut for other weapons, and you should pick up any Radiant Crisis skin that appears in your store. 

Sentinels of Light Ares –  2175 VP

The Ares is a deadly machine gun that can devastate enemies in early rounds, and the Sentinels of Light skin is the perfect cosmetic choice. The Sentinels of Light skin line was part of the Sentinels of Light event that served as a crossover between several Riot titles. League fans can’t go wrong with picking up a skin from this bundle, and this is one of the best options for the Ares. 

Prime 2.0 Odin – 1775 VP

The Prime 2.0 Odin adds a sophisticated look to the massive weapon, allowing players to obliterate their enemies in style. The darker version of the gun that adds gold accents is one of the best-looking Odins around and is arguably better than the base version.

Spectrum Bulldog – 2675 VP

The Bulldog is a solid choice when you can’t afford a powerful rifle or need to save with your team, and having a decent skin for the weapon is a good idea. Luckily for players, the SPECTRUM Bulldog gave the weapon one of the best cosmetic upgrades, complete with the details introduced with the rest of the bundle. 

RGX 11z Pro Stinger – 2175 VP

The RGX 11z Pro skin line is the perfect option for players looking to match their in-game cosmetics with their high-end gaming setup. Each weapon includes transparent parts, allowing players to see the inner mechanisms of each gun. The Stinger looks incredible with any RGX 11z Pro skin color and should be your top choice. 

Recon Spectre – 1775 VP

The Recon bundle added a sense of realism to VALORANT and several colors reminiscent of Call of Duty. This concept translated well on the Spectre since it still feels like it belongs in the game but could also pass in a traditional FPS. Look no further if you want a low-key skin that still looks great. 

Magepunk Marshal – 1775 VP

The Marshal is an often overlooked rifle that is deadly in the right hands. But those that understand how powerful it can be will appreciate the Magepunk Marshal and the fantastic visual upgrades it adds to the weapon. 

Outpost Judge Episode 02: Act 1 Battle Pass

The Outpost skin line added a unique look to several weapons, including the Judge. Each skin features a green liquid flowing through it with a yellow colorway, making it feel like you’re holding a gun that came straight from a lab. You can’t unlock this skin if you didn’t purchase the Episode Two: Act One Battle Pass, but don’t lose sleep over it. Your team likely wants you to use a rifle instead. 

Genesis Shorty – Episode 03: Act 3 Battle Pass

The Genesis skins were some of the best skins available in any battle pass so far, and the Shorty was a great option that was unlocked at a relatively low tier level. This was the best option released in 2021 and looks great in any collection. 

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