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Best agent duos in VALORANT

Climb the ladder, together.

You’re all set to load into VALORANT with your favorite duo queue partner. Whether they’re your best friend in real life or just a random person you met in a Bronze Two lobby, if you want to duo you’ll have to find a strong combination of agents.

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The key to choosing a great agent duo is to understand how each VALORANT character’s abilities work together on the battlefield. Though you certainly can just play to your individual strengths and hope for the best, selecting two agents that thrive with each other’s utility will make your duo unstoppable.

Here are six of the best agent duos in VALORANT, ranked by experience.

The best VALORANT agent duos for new players

Raze and Sage

VALORANT agent Sage.
Image via Riot Games

Though one of the most popularized agent duos is the infamous Jett and Sage combo, made famous by e-daters everywhere, Sage actually has a better partner in Raze.

There are several pieces of utility between these two agents that make for a deadly combination, and can easily catch enemies off guard. One of the reasons Sage and Raze work well together is their designs are, both in form and function, polar opposites.

Sage utilizes pristine radianite orbs to provide tactically placed utility in the form of a wall and slow fields, which serve to slow down gameplay on both sides. She is an expert at preventing enemies from pushing into areas of the map where your team won’t want them to take control. Raze, on the other hand, is an agent of pure chaos. All of her utility forces enemies to make quick decisions, or face being hit by a rocket launcher or grenade falling to their feet.

By using these two contrasting agent styles, you can not only trap your enemies but also confuse them in the process.

The best abilities to use together are Sage’s slow orb and Raze’s grenade. If you can catch multiple enemies in the slow orb field, they won’t be able to reposition before the grenade goes off.

Another great combination is Sage’s wall and Raze’s satchels and ultimate. Though Raze can already jump to great heights with her satchels, having a wall as a starting point just gives her that much more room to soar. On top of it all, if Raze gets a bit of splash damage from her own creations going awry, Sage can heal her right back up.

Sage and Omen

A close up of Omen in VALORANT.
Image via Riot Games

If neither you nor your duo are particularly fond of playing a duelist, you might want to go for a “supporting from the back” kind of combination.

Sage is the expert when it comes to slowing down the pace of a game. Her utility forces enemies to stop, regroup, and rotate. But one of Sage’s main downsides is her utility usage gets predictable, like the infamous wall in the middle of Split.

If you combine Sage with an Omen, an agent known for some crafty and unexpected plays that come out at the best moments, her wall placements and slow orbs become far less predictable, even if you put them in positions a new player might. In addition, Omen’s vertical mobility allows him to ignore Sage’s barriers completely, which can catch your enemies totally off guard when they don’t expect a push.

Playing a sentinel and controller duo also gives you massive control of your duo’s vision for how you want the map to play out. You’ll also be able to coordinate to make sure you’re maximizing your utility usage and not wasting a single smoke on an area Sage has already covered.

For the tactical masterminds, a Sage and Omen duo is a must.

The best VALORANT agent duos for one new and one experienced player

Jett and Skye

Skye, VALORANT agent, with her Trailblazer next to her.
Image via Riot Games

In general, duelists and initiators can make some pretty sweet combinations. Skye, in particular, works well with almost every duelist. But she works really well with Jett.

Jett’s strength is her mobility, which can be used both offensively and defensively. In addition, she is the only duelist who has her own smokes to block off sites. She is known as one of the best agents to solo carry a game on, and that’s for good reason: she is incredibly self-sufficient.

However, if you take what Jett’s already strong kit has to offer and combine it with an agent that makes up for her few weak points, it’s a game changer.

Skye’s utility provides some of the best information via her Trailblazer scouting dog and Blinding Light flashes with sound queues if they’ve caught an enemy. Yet, sometimes players struggle with her in a ranked setting by not being able to communicate to her teammates. If you duo with a friend on Jett, however, even just telling them what you see will maximize the potential of both of your kits.

Sending your Jett in with a dash timed after a Skye flash gives your team tons of information and also allows the Jett player to snag a bunch of kills. If there are too many enemies to handle at once, she can throw a smoke and wait for backup.

Another one of our favorite strategies is to send Jett in dashing alongside a Trailblazer dog, forcing your enemies to kill two things at once or get stunned.

Neon and Breach

Neon VALORANT agent
Image via Riot Games

This agent duo is a situational one, but having a combination of Neon and Breach in tight spaces will change the game on some of VALORANT’s most frustrating maps. Of course, we’re talking about Fracture.

Both Neon and Breach have abilities that work best in small spaces with limited exit points, making them similar, yet their strengths and weaknesses complement each other to create a perfect balance. While Breach’s utility is powerful and overwhelming, he himself is slow, and struggles because often he can’t profit from his perfectly placed stuns and flashes. Therefore, Neon is the perfect girl for the job.

Neon’s blazing mobility and short, burst stuns of her own allow for her to play off of Breach to perfection. No longer will your stuns go to waste, as you’ll have a Neon by your side that can quickly get in and finish the job without getting stunned.

This agent combination is the best on Fracture and may be the most specialized combination on this list in terms of where and when they can find success. Nevertheless, feel free to try out Neon and Breach together on other maps with tight spaces as well, like Haven or even Split.

The best VALORANT agent duos for experienced players

Harbor and Viper

Harbor, VALORANT agent.
Screenshot via Riot Games YouTube

Generally, you don’t want two agents in your composition with very similar pieces of utility and overall skill sets. One notable exception to this rule is the Harbor and Viper combination that took over VCT play in 2023.

While this agent combination is one of the more difficult to execute on this list, if you and your duo are in communication you can certainly pull it off.

The main play when using Harbor and Viper together is to strategically section off smaller areas of the map where your team is trying to gain control. By using both of the agent’s long walls together to cut off a site area on both sides, your team can easily block off a little slice of the map for themselves.

Controller agents are often thought to excel more on defense, especially Viper in particular, but strangely enough, this combination of agents can execute an attack strategy to perfection.

In this agent duo, your Harbor will generally be the more aggressive controller, while Viper uses her utility towards the objective while acting more in a sentinel role.

To learn more about playing Harbor and Viper together, you can check out our extensive guide on the “pizza slice strategy” popularized by Korea’s T1.

Fade and Yoru

Yoru and his clone in VALORANT.
Image via Riot Games

This last agent duo might be the craziest one, reserved only for experienced players who want to try something new out to spice up their daily queues. Fade and Yoru may seem like an incredibly odd combination, but here’s why it works.

When we think of Yoru’s kit, he has a lot of things going for him with his rework. He’s got two ways of flashing enemies, as well as high mobility and other elements of visual disturbance to throw his enemies off. His main weakness? Nearly every ability he has gives off an incredibly loud sound queue. His flash makes noise as it bounces off the wall, his teleport makes noise when he places it, and he can even be heard when lurking nearby in his ultimate.

These sound queues help make Yoru a more balanced agent, but imagine the possibilities if he was paired with a teammate that can nullify those sounds completely.

Fade has two ways to cut out sound queues for her enemies: her Prowlers and her ultimate. Though it can be hard to always hit her Prowlers, her ultimate almost always is able to catch one enemy off guard when utilized correctly. If you can catch an enemy while they’re deaf, Yoru can work his magic without a problem.

Though this seems like an incredibly circumstantial VALORANT agent combo, and one that is quite difficult to pull off, Yoru mains who have been trying to make the agent viable for years might have some fun with a Fade by their side.

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