BBL Esports vs. Fire Plus Esports VALORANT match disrupted by 90-minute glitch

The bug has occurred multiple times in professional matches.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT match between BBL Esports and Fire Flux Esports was interrupted by a notorious bug that crashes a game when it passes the 90-minute mark. 

The VALORANT Champions Tour Turkey Stage 3 Challengers 1 closed qualifier is in full swing as the best teams in the region fight for a spot in the main event. BBL Esports and Fire Plus Esports were in the middle of the final match of the series on Split when both teams suddenly disconnected from the game. BBL Esports had just won a round before they disconnected, leading the map 19-18. 

The cause of the issue is not confirmed, but many fans assume the 90-minute bug to be the cause of the problem. Other games have been disrupted by the same bug, which occurs when a match hits the 90-minute mark. It is unclear why this happens, as multiple overtimes can cause matches to go longer than 90 minutes. 

This bug is a significant issue as it completely derails matches at crucial moments. Most games that go longer than 90-minutes are in overtime, meaning teams are closely matched and in a do or die scenario. Disconnecting from the game can ruin momentum and potentially change the outcome of a match. It is unclear if Riot Games is aware of the issue, even though it has occurred multiple times in professional matches. 

BBL Esports and Fire Plus Esports will likely start the match from where they left off, and hopefully, the disruption does not cause either team to lose focus or momentum.