AvovA’s impressive Omen clutch propels G2 to victory in VCT Stage 3 open qualifier

The audacity of this man.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Some highlights in esports lead to iconic calls from the casters that live on for years. Other moments just break the brains of the casters, leaving them unable to form even coherent sentences. The latter just occurred to EU VCT casters Michael “hypoc” Robins and Lauren “Pansy” Scott, who were left bewildered by a game-winning clutch from G2 Esports’ Auni “AvovA” Chahade.

In a round-of-32 match between G2 and UCAM Esports Club in the EU VCT Stage Three: Challengers One open qualifier, G2 were thoroughly in control across the two maps. G2 dominated Ascent 13-3 and were leading 9-3 at halftime after their attacking side on Haven. With a healthy lead against lesser competition, AvovA decided to go for a highlight play—and he delivered.

Going into a two-vs-three retake on the B site, AvovA got things started with a kill on Killjoy, negating the one available ultimate. But he lost his own Killjoy in mixwell in an instant trade, forcing a one-vs-two. Stuck in the A-side connector to B, walking into the site would have placed him in a crossfire, so he took a chance on teleporting past the bomb into the site. Fortunately for him, it was timed perfectly since Skye flashed, swung, and peeked at the exact same time. AvovA got the kill on Skye, then swung to get the kill on Sova and secure the defuse, sending the casters into hysterics.

With the clutch punctuating the dominant win, G2 will move onto the round of 16 and are just one more series victory away from reaching the closed qualifier. Still playing through qualifiers at this stage in the VCT is unexpected for a team like G2, one of the largest organizations in the world and one of the most dominant VALORANT teams in 2020. But early struggles in both the first two VCT stages prompted a massive overhaul of the roster, with everyone on the original roster except for Mixwell being replaced this month. G2 signed nukkye and AvovA from Team Heretics, koldamenta from Acend, then keloqz just a week before the qualifiers.

G2 play Cream Real Betis in the final round of the open qualifiers. If they win, they’ll face Team Vitality in the first round of the closed qualifier. Their next match starts at 11am CT.

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