Average Jonas shows off new KAY/O line-up on Ascent

Players are already finding new line-ups.

Image via Riot Games

Popular streamer Average Jonas discovered a way to counter Killjoy’s ultimate ability on Ascent with KAY/O’s frag grenade. 

KAY/O is the newest agent in VALORANT and is equipped with a flash and frag grenade perfect for blinding or damaging enemies from a distance. Players can use KAY/O to help their teammates get into sites or weaken enemies. Clever players have also already found line-ups where KAY/O’s abilities can counter other agent abilities. 

Average Jonas discovered a KAY/O line-up on Ascent’s A site that’s perfect for countering Killjoy’s ultimate. Killjoy players will often activate her Lockdown ability in the grassy area between Mid and A site, which can detain all players stuck in the site. But by throwing KAY/O’s grenade into the air from the corner near Generator on A site, players can disable the Lockdown and prevent their team from being detained. 

This is an excellent counter that can disable an ultimate with little effort. It does take a few seconds for the grenade to land on the ultimate, but timing it correctly can help win crucial rounds. It’s likely worth learning the line-up in a custom match before trying to recreate it to avoid becoming an easy kill. 

KAY/O will be released to the public on June 22 and players will likely find dozens of line-ups for the new agent quickly. Players will also need to adapt to the new counters since their previous line-ups or spots might be at risk.

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