All weapons in VALORANT so far

VALORANT will have a wide arsenal.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ upcoming tactical first-person shooter was officially revealed today alongside several new futuristic and classic weapons. 

VALORANT will have a diverse arsenal to ensure constant action and jam-packed gameplay. But the guns are incredibly powerful and primary weapons could take down enemies in one headshot, according to CS:GO commentator Henry “HenryG” Greer

Riot revealed several concepts and designs of the weapons it plans to introduce to VALORANT. These range from classic weapons like a Revolver to somewhat futuristic assault rifles. 

The buy menu of VALORANT was revealed earlier today, which showed off more weapons. There are seven categories: Sidearm, SMGs, Shotguns, Rifles, Snipers, Heavy, and Shields. The latter is similar to CS:GO‘s iteration of Kevlar, which reduces bullet damage.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A full list of weapons can be found below and will be updated once more information is known.


The sidearms are especially useful in VALORANT because they’re the trusty pistols of any agent. These weapons tend to be much cheaper than the Rifles and Snipers.

  • Classic Sidearm
  • Shorty Sidearm
  • Frenzy Sidearm
  • Ghost Sidearm
  • Sheriff Sidearm

Submachine guns

VALORANT will have a plethora of run-and-gun options with the SMG class. Although the damage level of these weapons is unknown, it’s likely lower than the standard Rifles.

  • Stinger SMG
  • Spectre SMG


The Shotguns in VALORANT will likely have the potential to kill enemies in one bullet, like most modern iterations of the weapon. But, similar to CS:GO, there could be a significant drop-off in terms of damage at longer ranges.

  • Bucky Shotgun
  • Judge Shotgun


The Rifles in VALORANT are likely the second-most powerful weapons behind the Sniper Rifles. But they could be relatively expensive considering the one-shot headshot potential with most Rifles.

  • Bulldog Rifle
  • Guardian Rifle
  • Phantom Rifle
  • Vandal Rifle

Sniper Rifles

Similar to CS:GO, VALORANT will have one relatively weak Sniper Rifle like the Scout and one powerful bolt-action Sniper Rifle like the AWP. These are the most expensive weapons in the game because of their precise accuracy and high damage.

  • Marshal Sniper
  • Operator Sniper

Heavy rifles

These rifles are light machine guns, which tend to reduce a player’s speed and have high damage output. But these weapons will likely be used scarcely considering the slow movement speed.

  • Ares rifle
  • Odin rifle


Screengrab via Riot Games

The first concept was of a small machine that could potentially be used by an agent as one of their abilities. It looks similar to a drone but could be used to charge up the abilities instead. It’s been codenamed Spike and there are two different positions for when it’s activated. The device is perfectly stable once it isn’t activated and this will be displayed by a green light.

Sova Revolver 

Screengrab via Riot Games

The ‘Sova’ Revolver has a classic look with futuristic features, particularly in the bullets. These blue-tinted rounds match with the falcon-looking design that’s prominent throughout the body of the weapon. 

This Revolver will likely be extremely powerful, similar to the Desert Eagle in Counter-Strike, and could have one-shot headshot potential. 

Kingdom Rifle 

Screengrab via Riot Games

The Kingdom Rifle is likely a primary submachine gun or assault rifle that features a futuristic iron sight with an extendable stock and a neon orange colored body. Similar to the Revolver, the gun looks futuristic but retains some modern features. 

The gun seemingly has a silencer that can be removed, similar to modern weapons. 

Classic Revolver 

Image via Riot Games

The fourth and final concept is of a classic Revolver, which features the same design as the Sova revolver but retains the gritty and gray skin. It could be a variation of the Sova Revolver, suggesting that most weapons could have classic variations that can be purchased. 

Image via Riot Games

Light machine gun

Image via Riot Games

Players will be able to tear apart their VALORANT enemies with this light machine gun, which was featured in today’s announcement. It has a large drum magazine, suggesting it could hold hundreds of rounds. 

But as with all LMGs, a player’s movement speed will likely take a significant hit.


Image via Riot Games

Players will get to use a knife in VALORANT to slash and assassinate enemies. It could be used as the default weapon that all agents are equipped with at the start of each round, similar to CS:GO. These knives will likely be customizable with different colors and animations. 

Unnamed assault rifle

Image via Riot Games

An unnamed assault rifle, which was seen during the reveal trailer, will likely become the go-to weapon for most players with its adequate rate of fire and futuristic iron sights. This rifle will likely have a one to two bullet headshot ratio. 

This rifle looks similar to the Kingdom weapon but featured a much more modern look rather than a futuristic design. It does retain the same iron sights as the Kingdom rifle, however, so this could be a different variant or perhaps another classic weapon. Whatever it is, it’s deadly. 

Aside from concepts and the menu reveal, there are several weapons that were shown off prior to today’s announcement, including different assault rifles and submachine guns. These weapons were featured predominantly throughout the official reveal trailer for VALORANT in October. 

The second weapon shown off during the reveal trailer was the powerful shotgun. It looks similar to a modern pump-action shotgun and could reload using the same method. Again, this classic style is predominant rather than a futuristic design, especially on the iron sights. 

There was a Sniper Rifle shown off in the trailer that looked similar to a modern-day bolt-action sniper with intense power, similar to the AWP in CS:GO. It’d likely be a one-shot kill to the body. 

Considering the vast weaponry in VALORANT, it looks to bring new forms of customization and different approaches to ensuring the perfect setup.

Update March 2 10:17am CT: Added weapon categories and the names of each weapon as shown in the gameplay reveal earlier today.