Here are all the skins in the VALORANT Champions 2022 bundle

They look absolutely epic.

Image via Riot Games

With VALORANT Champions 2022 on the horizon, Riot Games is adding new features to the game to celebrate the event.

The devs have decided to go down a similar route to last year and have once again launched a new Champions bundle, event pass, and broadcast drops.

The biggest feature of them all is the Champions 2022 bundle, which adds two new, exclusive skins— Champions 2022 Phantom and Butterfly Knife. The ranged weapon will include a custom model change, custom firing audio, and a visual effect that evolves every five kills. Players will also be able to discover a special easter egg on the butterfly knife that triggers once you’re top fragging.

Here’s what the Phantom and Butterfly Knife skins look like.

Champions 2022 Phantom and Butterly Knife

Image via Riot Games

Besides a phathom and melee, the bundle will include a Trophy Card, buddy, and spray. Like last year, 50 percent of net proceeds from the collection will go directly to the participating teams at VALORANT Champions 2022.

What else is up for grabs?

With the event pass, which is obtainable for free, players who regularly log in and play VALORANT matches will be rewards with titles, sprays, buddies, and Radianite points. All in all, they’ll be seven levels.

Those who watch VALORANT Champions 2022 on Twitch or YouTube will also be eligible to earn broadcast drops. All you need is to connect your VALORANT account with your Twitch or YouTube account.

VALORANT Champions 2022 begins on Aug. 31 and will conclude on Sept. 18. The tournament will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. You can find the full schedule here.