A new game mode is reportedly coming to VALORANT

The new mode has not been confirmed by Riot.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players might see a new mode requiring teams to capture points and compete for the highest score, according to a leak. 

The ValorLeaks Twitter account posted about a new game mode coming to VALORANT that adds a new and exciting objective. Each team will reportedly try to capture points and compete for the highest score to win. It’s unclear if this means holding the area allows teams to accumulate points or if they’ll need to bring an object to a zone to capture it. This is the only information available at the moment, but players are excited about another mode potentially coming to the game. 

Other games like Call of Duty and Halo Infinite have similar game modes like Control and Capture the Flag. It’s unclear how well this will translate to VALORANT, but it could be a fun casual mode to play with friends. The potential mode could be added to the rotation of limited-time modes to add variety or appear for only a short period. 

ValorLeaks also posted about potential Icebox changes coming in a future patch. The images show an update to B Yellow, changing the shape and orientation of the object. The update also includes a shorter stack of crates for more cover, changing the flow of the area. 

None of these changes have been officially announced by Riot Games, but fans may hear more about them soon.