100 Thieves defeat XSET in NA VCT Stage 2: Challengers One grand final

Both teams qualify for the next closed tournament.

Image via Riot Games

Although it was just for seeding in Challengers Two, 100 Thieves took home the 3-1 win over XSET in the grand finals of NA VCT Challengers One today.

Spencer “Hiko” Martin had a particularly good outing, notching 76 kills over the four VALORANT maps played, going +21 overall with just 55 deaths.

Both 100 Thieves and XSET have qualified for the closed portion of the NA VCT Stage Two: Challengers Two tournament. The tournament format is simple; the Challengers events feed into each other, and eventually into Masters. The previous Masters tournaments were region-locked, and North America’s was won by Sentinels. The upcoming Masters event will be held offline in Reykjavik, Iceland with international competition. NA will get two bids, which will be given to the two teams in the Challengers final.

Should XSET and 100 Thieves hold the course, they’ll be set to participate in the first international VALORANT event ever.

On Haven, 100 Thieves were down big in the first half, but their comeback came in earnest during a pistol round ace from Ethan Arnold.

Ethan has been improving every single tournament. He had 84 kills in the series, topping everyone else in the server.

XSET won’t need to go back to the drawing board too much. They kept it close, notching double digit rounds in every single map. They performed excellently over the course of the tournament and solidified themselves as one of NA’s best VALORANT squads.

The teams that qualified for the closed portion of Challengers Two are 100 Thieves, XSET, Envy, and Version1. The other teams will battle it out in the open portion of the tournament, which begins April 15.