100 Thieves’ Asuna pulls off 1-vs-3 clutch in VALORANT Competitive mode

Asuna made it look easy.

Screengrab via VALORANT Esports

100 Thieves VALORANT player Asuna picked up an impressive one-vs-three today to save the round for his team in a Competitive mode match.

Asuna and his team were defending the spike on A site on Ascent when his entire team was eliminated. This left Asuna in a rough situation, but he managed to instantly kill a player and bring the situation to a one-vs-two. 

A Phoenix player pushed toward Asuna through smoke, but he quickly eliminated the opponent before shooting a Recon Bolt into the site. The bolt highlighted the final enemy through the smoke, which allowed Asuna to kill the last player and win the round. 

Asuna is no stranger to stressful situations and having to complete impressive plays to survive rounds. He won the First Strike tournament with 100 Thieves in December and helped his squad make it into the finals of the VALORANT Champions Tour NA Masters One tournament and beat Immortals in their first match. But Sentinels sent 100 Thieves to the lower bracket, where they were defeated by Gen.G and eliminated from the tournament. 

But impressive plays like this might be enough to help 100 Thieves bounce back and bring home another title. 

100 Thieves will have another shot at winning a Masters event, but they need to qualify for the tournament first. The team will face O.O.D.A Loopers in the VCT NA Stage Two: Challengers one Open Qualifier on April 4 at 5pm CT. 

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