Twitch Prime launches loot drop for release of Teamfight Tactics’ mobile version

Come and get it.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is officially playable on mobile, and in celebration, Twitch Prime is promoting a new loot drop for Prime users.

Available on both PC and mobile, users can claim one random “little legend” via a “little legends egg.” The drop can be claimed by linking your game account to your Twitch Prime account and clicking the “claim” button on Twitch’s promotion page.

In addition to this loot drop, there are two more little legends eggs that will be available to players in the future. The exact date of those drops haven’t been announced yet, but they’re listed as “coming soon,” according to Twitch’s promotion page.

This isn’t the first time Twitch has teamed up with Riot Games’ strategy-based title for loot. Last month concluded a three-month partnership with Twitch in which League of Legends and TFT gave away little legends eggs and emotes to Prime users.

To become eligible for Twitch Prime loot, Amazon prime users must link their account to a Twitch account by using the “Connections” tab, which is in the platform’s settings menu. That tab can also be used to link Riot accounts to Twitch.

Once a user claims their reward, the little legends egg will automatically appear in the “Hextech Crafting” inventory in the League client the next time they log into the game.