Riot Mortdog teaches TFT fans how to get bad items off of good units

Two star champions quicker while also removing unwanted items from them.

Teamfight Tactics TFT Riot Mort
Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics’ Patch 10.7 recently made it so players no longer need to sell champion units to remove a bad item from them. 

Riot Mortdog, the lead designer of TFT, uploaded a video today teaching players how to remove unwanted items obtained on champions from the Carousel. 

Acquiring a champion from the Carousel with an unwanted item happens more often than players like. Prior to the 10.7 TFT update, players needed to sell that champion to remove it. 

Rather than selling units with unwanted items, though, Mortdog explained how players can keep their champion and two-star it faster while also removing an item that doesn’t work well on it. He uses Jhin as an example in the video, wanting to remove a Tear from the Dark Star sniper that he acquired in a Lilac Nebula Carousel.  

A typical Jhin build has Infinity Edge, Guardian Angel, and Last Whisper. None of these items are constructed using a Tear. Mortdog keeps the Jhin and adds two more complete items: Guardian Angel and Last Whisper.

He then adds one more Jhin to the bench and places a Runann’s Hurricane on it. Prior to purchasing the third Jhin, however, Mortdog makes sure the Jhin on the battlefield has the two completed items and the Tear while the second copy with Runann’s Hurricane is on the bench.

“The way item priority works here is that it goes anything on the board first, followed by anything on the bench,” Mortdog said

The same would be true if a player had two copies of Jhin, one with three completed items and the other with one. Place the Jhin on the board that you want to have priority. If it’s the copy with only one complete item, the process of removal from the Jhin with three complete items is random. 

TFT players looking for more content, gameplay, and guides can visit Riot Mortdog’s YouTube channel or watch him stream on Twitch