Riot is changing Teamfight Tactics' interface to "[invest] in TFT and its future"

TFT's user interface is sporting a new look.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends‘ final patch of the year is finally arriving, and so is another round of adjustments to one of the game’s most popular game modes, Teamfight Tactics. One of the biggest changes? The user interface is getting some important additions for the new year.

A new level bar has been added to the TFT UI in Patch 9.24, which will display your current level and the amount of XP you have. The UI will also show the different drop rates for certain champion tiers, based off of your level. To make room for these changes, the lock button is now on the right side of the shop, while the Buy XP and Refresh buttons have been switched around.

“This change is about investing in TFT and its future,” Riot said. “The relationship between Buy XP, Level, and how it affects what appears in your shop is not an obvious, understandable one. It’s something that you currently have to learn from a friend or a guide rather than something that is naturally communicated as a core part of the game.”

At its core, these additions were made to help newer players acclimatize and understand the game’s mechanics. By putting these three important elements in the same area of the UI, it will help “reinforce their connection and [make] them more prominent.”

Longtime players of TFT will need to get used to the Buy XP and Level buttons getting switched around, but the addition of the drop rate percentages should be a welcome sight for all kinds of players, whether you are a veteran of the game mode or a newcomer looking for a fresh experience.