‘This is not it!’: xQc slams Twitch’s latest subscriber feature after it was quietly added to site

The juicer warlord was visibly bothered.

Screengrab via xQc on Twitch

Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengyel lost his mind over what appears to be an experimental new subscriber notification feature on the Amazon-owned platform, claiming it should have never been pushed live.

The feature is a horizontal banner at the top of his chat that serves as a real-time feed for all subscriber-related data, including who subbed, who donated bits, and more.

xQc noticed it for the first time at the start of his July 27 stream, and his jaw dropped to the floor immediately. “Twitch, this is not it! This is not it. Nope. Absolutely not!” he said while pointing it out to fans.

The French-Canadian streamer didn’t specify what he didn’t like about it.

However, the logical conclusion is he found it distracting, although he realized it could be hidden by clicking on the right-hand side. Still, the juicer warlord wasn’t impressed. He felt like it made his browser lag, which sent him into a furor. “I can’t even click anymore. This is so dumb!” he yelled, before taking a swipe at the developers.

“This should have never been pushed to live,” the top Twitch star added. “Nobody should have pushed this to the fucking live servers. How did they think it was okay to push this into the live servers? What the actual fuck?”

Twitch has been implementing new features left, right, and center lately, including a Guest Star feature, a Shared Ban Info feature to help tackle toxicity, and a Charity feature to make it easier to set up charity streams.

Twitch has told Dot Esports the feature in question is still in the experimental stage and will communicate with the community before any official launch.

The notification addition is less of a game changer, which is probably why it was quietly added. But it’s experimental, so if more stars share xQc’s views, Twitch will refine it.