XQc claims he may quit GTA RP

The end of X.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

The end for Jean Paul, xQc’s character on the NoPixel GTA server, may have finally come after an altercation between xQc and fellow streamer Adept.

XQc shared on social media his plans to either create a new roleplaying character or quit the NoPixel server entirely after an in-game incident with Adept, his girlfriend, during his most recent stream.

During the stream, xQc had been arrested by the police, and while in custody, he claimed that the officer, Adept, was stalling.

As soon as xQc was released from the facility, he attacked the officer before fleeing the scene. XQc claimed that this was done in character, but Adept felt that his bad interactions with police on the NoPixel server are getting out of hand.

The situation upset Adept, who chose to end her stream and speak to xQc about it face-to-face.

This ultimately could be the end for Jean Paul after all the ups and downs since No Pixel 3.0 launched.

During the run, xQc has been banned on several occasions, many of which stem from interactions with the police on the server. This caused not only a bad taste for law enforcement from the streamer in future interactions but highlighted the unfair power balance between cops and criminals.

Players claim the cops had the power to ruin another player’s RP for hours by sticking them inside a cell and making them wait for their release. While that appears to have been addressed, according to X, this negative past with the police is still a large part of his current character.

Hopefully the two streamers can get the conflict resolved, but it remains to be seen how xQc will reinvent himself when and if he returns to RP.