XQc calls out Twitch for not providing C9 Ziqo with a VOD timestamp following his suspension

Twitch reportedly hasn't confirmed the reason for Ziqo's suspension.

Screengrab via xQc

Popular streamer xQc called out Twitch this morning for not providing C9 Ziqo with a clip of his offense even though xQc said he received a VOD timestamp when he was suspended. 

Last week, C9 Ziqo received a seven-day ban for violating the Twitch Terms of Service. Twitch claimed the ban was in response to Ziqo using a hateful slur but didn’t provide a specific example, according to Ziqo. 

XQc, another popular streamer who was recently suspended from Twitch, expressed his support for Ziqo today and said he should receive a VOD timestamp of his offense. The former Overwatch League pro claims Twitch sent him a timestamp when he was suspended and feels it’s only fair that Ziqo receives the same treatment. 

Ziqo explained in a recent video that the penalty also impacted him by ruining other opportunities and left his account in bad standing. This can have long-term effects, especially if he receives another suspension in the future. 

A seven-day ban is detrimental for any streamer since it can cause them to lose the audience they’ve built. Many people believe Ziqo didn’t deserve the ban and should receive a timestamp for his alleged offense. 

Ziqo believes he was banned for a clip when he says “fuck it,” but could be misheard as a derogatory slur. He also explained that Forsen, another popular World of Worldcraft streamer, was mistakenly banned for a similar mistake. 

Ziqo’s suspension reportedly ends on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Right now, it seems like he’ll have to wait out the suspension.