WoW Classic hotfix reduces experience gain from raiding in big groups

No more 10-people dungeon raids.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Classic players will now have a harder time grinding for experience in dungeons if they’re in big parties.

Blizzard community manager Kaivax announced that parties of six or more players will start receiving fewer experience points. This follows a hotfix to a bug in WoW Classic that was disabling the experience penalty for big parties going into dungeons.

The hotfix went live last night and “XP awarded should be significantly lower for parties of six or more players,” Kaivax wrote on the WoW forums.

Before the hotfix, players were going into dungeons, like the Scarlet Monastery, in parties of up to 10 players for fast clears while still getting bonus experience from it. Some groups were in the middle of a dungeon run when the hotfix hit all WoW Classic servers and they were able to show others how it affected experience gains. In one case, the players went from gaining 30 additional XP points from the group bonus to a 33 XP loss due to penalties.

Playing dungeons is a great way of leveling in WoW Classic when you have other people to play with. Some players who were in the Classic race to level 60 were playing dungeons even in the late levels to ensure everyone was leveling together. Some other methods of leveling solo, especially farming mobs with a Mage like the world’s first level 60 player, Jokerd, are usually less recommended in crowded servers since there’s competition for mobs. In these cases, leveling in groups in dungeons is especially more effective.

But now, dungeons will be harder since players will be forced to go in small groups. Those who liked being carried by players who were playing more actively will have to start doing something if they want a clean dungeon run.