What time does Minecraft Championships (MCC) 17 start?

On to the next one.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

Minecraft’s prime-time game show, Minecraft Championships (MCC), is back with another event. Though Noxcrew, the organizer of the event, tries to stick to a monthly schedule, the date and time for the event usually depend on the availability of all participants.

Like previous iterations of the event, MCC 17 will feature teams made up of popular Minecraft content creators. Players get randomly distributed into their teams, meaning they’re required to adapt to their new teammates for each event to have a chance at winning. The mini-games featured in the event aim to test each participant’s Minecraft skills alongside their teamwork.

MCC 17 is scheduled to go live on Sept. 18 at 2pm CT. Fans will be able to tune into the event through Noxcrew’s main stream. Fans who can’t spectate the event can also follow MCC.live to check out the scores and leaderboards.

Tuning in to the main broadcast at the beginning is one of the best ways to spectate the event due to the number of teams at the start. As teams get eliminated, you’ll be able to tune into the individual broadcasts of participants to experience the level of hype in the end-game. Being able to see how teams coordinate and how they handle the pressure adds to the experience, making each MCC a unique event.

If you’re already wondering about the next MCC, chances are it’ll take place in October. Noxcrew isn’t known to skip out on holiday themes, though, so expecting a Halloween-themed MCC wouldn’t be a far-fetched dream.

Fans who’d like to know which team their favorite content creator is on should keep an eye on MCC’s official Twitter account. The organizer slowly announces the teams as we get closer to the event’s date. In addition to news regarding teams, you’ll also find highlights and more information regarding future and past events on the page, which can be a nice addition to your feed.