Untitled Goose Game’s any percent world record falls to 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Can it go lower?

Image via House House

Untitled Goose Game speedrunners continue to beat the game in incredibly quick times. YouTuber YiS_ set the new world record for the any percent category yesterday in a mind-boggling two minutes and 30 seconds.

To achieve this time, speedrunners need to perform a series of clips and glitches to get out of bounds, skipping key tasks and objectives along the way.

The run starts with a boot skip, which uses a boot to glitch into the pub portion of the map and clip through a fence. From there, the goose uses a plate to get over an invisible wall, taking the player to the final area of the game.

While it might seem like it should be easy to get home, the game’s devs seemingly predicted something like this happening because there are large invisible walls that stop players from finishing the level normally.

What the devs likely didn’t think about, though, was the creativity of speedrunners. Players found ways to glitch through these walls to complete what should have been an hour-long game in under three minutes.

Once the player reaches the final area, it becomes a simple task of taking a bell back home and watching the credits roll. This speedrun seems nearly flawless and it’ll take someone getting the skips and clips perfectly each time, or finding a new game-breaking glitch, to top it.