Twitch quickly changes featured streamer when conversation turns to Hong Kong

"Um... In all honesty, I⁠—"

Image via Epic Games

Like a lot of other streamers, Twitch is streaming Fortnite despite not being able to play the game. Since The End event yesterday, which seemingly destroyed the Fortnite map, the game has been offline.

Nonetheless, Twitch is streaming the black hole on Fortnite, which isn’t doing a lot at the moment. Additionally, Twitch has been intermittently hosting Fortnite streamers on the site’s official channel. And that’s where the site ran into issues.

Twitch hosted Flamelord1998, a streamer with fewer than 600 followers. Everything was fine for some time, as Flamelord talked about Thanos’ snap and the name for the hole. But then he began to respond to a question from his chat: “What is your favorite viewpoint from Hong Kong’s issue?”

“Um… In all honesty, I⁠—,” Flamelord said before being removed from Twitch’s channel. Whoever was monitoring the stream quickly switched back to just watching the black hole in Fortnite.

The issue of Hong Kong liberation has been a very hot topic in gaming lately, mostly stemming from Blizzard’s decision to ban Hearthstone Grandmaster Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai for voicing his support for Hong Kong independence during a Grandmasters stream last week.

And it seems Twitch wanted nothing to do with the conversation switched from Thanos to Hong Kong.