Trihex banned on Twitch for streaming CBS’ Democratic primary debate

This is just a temporary ban, though.

Photo via Tempo Storm

Popular speedrunning content creator Trihex was temporarily suspended from Twitch last night due to streaming the Democratic primary debate hosted by CBS News in South Carolina.

Shortly after the Twitter account StreamerBans wrote that Trihex was banned, the streamer shared his point of view. “Super unfair. I didn’t use audio, and only show subtitles to sync watching your programming,” Trihex said. “Democracy at its finest. Privatized events for public election and then throw their weight around to bully. Unreal.”

Despite what Trihex said, streaming the debate violates Twitch’s guidelines.

“You should only share content on Twitch that you own, or that you are otherwise authorized to share on Twitch,” the community guidelines read. “Any unauthorized content you share on Twitch may be subject to a takedown by the rights holder(s) to remove the infringing content from Twitch and is a violation of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Multiple violations of our policies may lead to a permanent suspension of your account.”

Trihex will likely be unbanned 24 hours after the punishment went into effect since he hasn’t been banned for this before. But Trihex was banned from Twitch in October 2018 for using a derogatory term while streaming.