Trainwrecks pulls back-to-back rare holo Blastoise Pokémon cards

Luck was on his side.

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Over the duration of the week, many streamers have banded together to participate in Pokémon week, an event that showcases seven streamers opening seven different boxes of Pokémon cards on their respective streams.

On day two of the event, Trainwreckstv opened a box of base set Pokémon cards valued at $30,000. The box contained extremely rare cards with high values, with a Charizard being valued in the thousands.

Train got extremely lucky again and pulled arguably the second rarest card in the pack, a holo Blastoise. This pull is extremely rare and collectors often open entire boxes without acquiring the card.

When opening his next pack, Train stuck gold twice and pulled yet another holo Blastoise. According to the Reddit posting, the value of each of the cards at a PSA10 is around $4,000.

Shortly thereafter, Train got even luckier by pulling the extremely rare holo Charizard card from one of the final packs in the box.

While these pulls may be a highlight for the event, there are still five days left to go in Pokémon week and more than $150,000 worth of cards have yet to be opened.